Personal Energy Readings

Personal Energy Readings

These Energy Readings go very deep & get straight to the point.

Anyone who truly wishes to know themselves better, from a deeper energetic perspective, please muster up the courage to explore your inner world with me.

You will gain personal insight & wisdom by understanding where your energy goes, how it loops & where it has the propensity to get stuck.

By exposing these energetic dynamics & by bringing them to your conscious awareness, my goal is to empower you.

I will highlight your triggers and key components that energetically need to be incorporated, helping you transcend collective & personal karma.

You may choose to work on these aspects individually or continue with me into further Energy Coaching or Remote Energy work after the Reading.

I use Remote Energy Skills combined with My Own Unique Method and require your First Name & Date of Birth to tap into your energy field.

All welcome

“ Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate ”

- Carl Jung

Emotional Anatomy

Becoming aware of our Emotional Anatomy marks the beginning of True Self-Awareness.

Without this insight we remain blind, still acting out our hardwired unconscious patterns and unknowingly self defeat our desires for change. We simply cannot ignore this part of ourselves if we are committed to finding our own truth. We do need courage, though, to face this particular aspect as we typically suppress, deny or hide our real emotional states. It can therefore feel a little odd to voluntarily confront this part within us, but rest assured, there is nothing to feel ashamed about.

In fact, we have a responsibility to discover our natural tendencies, to learn what they are and then develop effective skills to help manage & balance our Emotional Nervous System. After all, it is this system that has the greatest influence over our energy levels & also directly impacts on our physical health & well being.

So in order to initiate lasting change we need to fully understand how & why we get triggered & what states we get triggered into. No more suppressing, denying or hiding! Only by confronting & embracing these aspects can we have any real chance of regaining our Inner Power. As you will learn, these patterns secretly infiltrate throughout our entire being, affecting each of us in different ways. In this reading, I will clearly highlight & define your own patterns, arming you with pivotal self knowledge that will support you in transcending these energetic loops.

This reading provides you with a Symbolic Chart that represents your Emotional Anatomy. Please refer to the adjoining video for more information.

I will reveal your: Emotional Patterns, Primary Triggers & Coping Mechanisms, Suppressed Emotions & Karmic Family Attachments

Emotional Anatomy Energetic Guide Eloise Andrews

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“ We cannot heal what we cannot feel ”

- John Bradshaw

Real People. Real Comments

Dear Eloise,

Thank you for sharing this incredible gift!

Your ability to interpret the energetic patterns we’ve brought with us into this life is quite amazing.

The insight this provides will be very helpful to many.

I was impressed with the accuracy of the readings you have done for me and several family members.

In hindsight, it’s clear to see how the triggers you identified set off repeating emotional looping throughout our lives.

Obviously, these ingrained patterns pose a significant hindrance to our desire for change.

There’s no question this insight can be a great tool in helping a person to unfold their highest potential. I’m excited to begin using your services with my own clientele.

Roger Schwartz founder of Recover Your Heart
Roger Schwartz Beyond Dependency and Addiction;

Dear Eloise,

Thank you for the chart and the recording.

I liked the visual. It really helped me view those patterns in a new light. It makes sense to me and I can now see them for what they are. It’s a great reference tool to help me recognize if I’m acting or responding from any of those places and to shift out of it.

For me, it was very helpful to hear you explain the bottom triangle and how we tend to bounce around those three states when we are out of balance or get triggered.

I was feeling all this out just fine, until you got to describing the Unconscious Emotions and I instantly started crying. But then laughed out loud a minute later when you said …

‘I can feel you getting sad about this Melissa’

I thought for a minute, this is a recording, right? Not live? Because you were right on time with your reading of how my energy would respond. Very cool. Thank you again!

Melissa Hill
Melissa Hill